Stay tray

Built For Everyday Use.

Made from polypropylene 100% recycled plastic, Stay tray is super durable. It’s weather-resistant and UV-stable. It’s also dishwasher safe, and clocks in at a mere 170 grams.

A Labour Of Love.

Stay tray is a small business with big dreams and a lofty purpose: to help reduce waste by encouraging good habits. We’re based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, but our community extends worldwide. Get to know us.

A pick-me-up for drinks and the planet. Literally.

This reusable tray was designed to make your coffee run, play dates and picnics a breeze – while also being good to the environment. It’s also the first and only one of its kind in Australia. About time, right?

Give mother nature a hand.

This one tray will help reduce the 5 million tonnes of paper waste we generate every year – 30% of which isn’t even recycled, ending up in landfill. And because Stay tray is made using 100% recycled material, it will also help to reduce the 2.2 million tonnes of plastic waste we make.

Here’s the good news: since reusable coffee cups first hit the scene back in the day, we’ve diverted more than 4 billion takeaway cups from landfill. So here’s your environmentally friendly drink tray to go with it.

Made & designed with love in Australia.

Not only will Stay tray positively contribute to reducing waste, but they’re 100% owned, designed, tooled and manufactured entirely in Australia, by Australians, using ethical methods. We like to support our local heroes.


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